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Prince2 is a proven best practice methodology for the delivery of projects. The method is based on a set of principles, a series of processes (nothing too demanding) and focuses on scope as the main driver for project success. This provides the basis for best practice for project management and Prince2 is used widely in the UK in the construction sector. One of the reasons it is very suitable to construction projects is the scope (or product) focus.

Given this scope focus (what is to be delivered), Prince2 can assist your business with not only the delivery of the project but with project selection also. And since your business is dependent on projects to generate income it is vital you choose the right tenders to pursue, those which will benefit your business most and bring you the greatest reward.

The Prince2 Project Brief forms part of the Prince2 approach and is the very first document to be produced when considering projects to pursue. It is a light weight approach designed to guide you in the right direction and be quick and simple to develop and understand.

The Brief should include the following:

  • A basic high level understanding of the project based on the client tender or discussions etc.
  • Identification of the End User
  • Project timescales (a rough order of magnitude)
  • Your team most appropriate to complete the project
  • Your approach to delivering the project (i.e. amount of subcontracting if any, new skills and new hires required)
  • Major risks this project could pose to your business (tie up resources, severe schedule etc)
  • The benefits this project will bring (including non-cashable)

The Project Brief should be completed by the person most capability of identifying the fundamentals of each client tender and have a thorough understanding of how your business operates, it’s capability and where the business is going.

Brian Cleere is a Chartered Engineer and trainer specialising in Project Management

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